5. Fear - with guest Robert Lloyd Parry

September 9, 2018

The non-human world, in it’s many guises, can often be a place where we face our fears. Recorded in Cambridge at Mill Road Cemetery and the 12th century Leper Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, this episode features an interview with Robert Lloyd Parry, an outstanding performance storyteller, who specialises in classic literary ghost fiction, in particular the work of Montague Rhodes James.

We explore Fear: as a human adaptation; as a heightened sense; as a part of our experience in the wild; as something ‘unnatural’; or something we experience in solitude; and how we experience it in our sense of familiar and unfamiliar places. 

We would like to thank our wonderful guest Robert Lloyd Parry. To discover more about him visit  http://www.nunkie.co.uk

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1. Light

September 4, 2018

The qualities of light, and how the natural, human and non-human world can be viewed and impacted by light is under discussion in this episode of the podcast. References you might wish to follow up include:


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