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January 28, 2019

Colin Williams
Colin is a writer, speaker and curator for all things wild. He is the author of Shadows in the Hay which has been praised as ‘a thoughtful exploration of our cultural estrangement from nature; an elegant homage to the landscapes and places that shape us.’ Colin has written for many publications and organisations such as The Guardian, Earthlines, the National Trust, BBC Wildlife, Slightly Foxed, and Orion Magazine. He has worked as a conservationist and guide, and his words have appeared alongside the work of some of our most respected artists.  

Ian on Colin: Erudite, eclectic and something of a polymath, Colin never ceases to surprise me with the breadth and depth of knowledge. With his deeply artistic sensibility and worn-lightly musical talent, he brings unusual insights to all he experiences. 
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Ian Rowlands
Ian has life of world travels and close contact with many of the planet’s wild creatures as a result of years spent guiding groups of people to powerful experiences with animals in the natural world. Subsequently he has been the director of large-scale festivals and events such as WhaleFest that seek to reconnect people with our oceans and marine life through art, science and culture. Still questing, still awakening, and certain of remarkably few things, Ian is focussed on writing and podcasting about spiritual discovery, wilderness, and how people can best reconnect with their wild soul.

Colin on Ian: Ian has a seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of the world around us and a rare gift for communicating it. If I could take anyone with me on a journey into the wilderness it would be Ian: Not only would I know what I was seeing but, crucially, I would understand its meaning.
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