beneath the stream

21. Sea Voices: siren voices

March 8, 2020

How do we each respond to the environmental alarms that are being sounded by climate, nature, youth and the ocean? In this episode we feature interviews with Roger Hardy and Rhett Griffiths - wave-tossed thoughts from the tideline of the North Sea - plus a recording of Rhett’s epic poem ‘The Tipping Tide’.

Artists suggest different ways of seeing the world and, in response to these issues and as part of Siren Festival in 2019, artist and sculptor Roger Hardy created a powerful installation and multiple figurative sculptural piece on Aldeburgh beach entitled ‘Time and Tide’. He also created ‘Lookout’, a human figure gazing out at the sea from the South Beach Lookout. Here was also installed - in written form and in audio recoding - ‘The Tipping Tide’, a poem by Rhett Griffiths.

With extracts of Colin singing ‘Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy’, we explore what the sea says to us.

Some of the ideas and references we make in this podcast can be found here:

Rhett Griffiths

poem - The Tipping Tide

Roger Hardy 

Siren Festival  
Roger Hardy’s ‘Time and Tide’ 
Roger Hardy and Rhett Griffiths’ 'Lookout' and 'Tipping Tide'  
Aldeburgh Festival 
Devi Singh  
Heathcote Williams  
Benjamin Britten 
South Beach Lookout  
Greta Thunberg  
School strikes  

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